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Genral Info

Registration Number: AKC: Pending Transfer
Gender: Male
Hip Rating: 
Elbow Rating: 
Birthdate: July, 20,2012
Father: Akim Milargo
Mother: Bona ze Svobodneho Dvora


Ego was imported for the Czech Republic as a older puppy. Fabian Robinson started to train Ego at the age of 11 months. Fabian has been working Ego in tracking, obedience and protection for the sport of IPO. Ego's training is almost complete for an IPO3 routine. Ego could go out for his BH and IPO1 tomorrow and receive V scores. 

Ego has a stable and sound temperament. He is not phased by noises or environment. He has amazing ball drive and has a solid, full grip. 

This dog is for sale!

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